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Meet the Mid-Atlantic’s Leader in Contract Decorating

HERITAGE SCREEN PRINTING, INC. was established in 1983. Heritage offers top quality embroidery, screen printing, wide format digital printing, direct to garment printing, and digitizing. Through quality, efficient turn-around time, and remarkable customer service, Heritage has grown into the Mid-Atlantic’s leader in contract decorating. Our mission is to provide full service garment decoration and domestic manufacturing solutions to all resale markets. With ongoing advances in technology, and fast turn around times, doing business with us has never been easier! As a full service, contract garment decorating firm, we are committed to serving:

  • Promotional products distributors
  • Uniform companies
  • Garment manufacturers
  • Web based fulfillment
  • Traditional retail
November 25th, 2019

2019 Holiday Fulfillment Cutoff Dates

July 13th, 2018

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“When it comes to printed apparel, our customers want only the very best, and Heritage provides it for us time and time again.”

“HSP always has the latest technology in our industry and is my most trusted and best vendor.”