Digital Printing

Digital-PrintingArtwork Requirements:

  • We accept the following vector based formats: Adobe Illustrator (up to CS6), Corel Draw (up to X4), vector EPS, or vector PDF.
  • We also accept Adobe Photoshop files or JPEGS that are at least 200 pixels per inch (ppi). However, we recommend 300 ppi for maximum print quality.
  • Always start creating your art in RGB color mode.
  • Convert all text to outlines/curves. For more information on this, see ADDITIONAL INFORMATION.
  • Make sure the art you submit is sized correctly to the desired printing size.
  • If a custom cut shape is required (stickers, for example), please provide us with an EPS file containing a cutting path indicated by a stroke of 100% magenta.
  • Allow for an 1/8” inch bleed for any logo or image that is to be printed from edge to edge.

Artwork Restrictions:

  • Any file under 200 ppi is not guaranteed to print clearly.
  • Our printers read RGB color data. If you convert CMYK files to RGB at a later time, the color data may change with unexpected results.
  • Keep text larger than 12 points. Anything less is not guaranteed to print clearly.
  • We cannot match Pantone colors with digital printing. Unlike screen printing, where ink pigments are mixed by hand to achieve color matching, digital printing uses only cyan, magenta, yellow, and black to produce color. In the same vein as above, we cannot print neon or metallic inks.

If any of the above requirements are not met and you are unable to make the necessary adjustments, Heritage will be happy to adjust your files for our art charge fee of $55.00 per hour, 1/2 hour minimum.

We accept files:

  • Via flash drive, DVD/CD, e-mail, Dropbox folder sharing, or through our online system at

*Special notes: The final printed product’s ink colors will vary due to fluctuations in monitor calibrations. Different substrates yield different printing results and color variations.