“Steve and the talented crew at Heritage are Major League! Awesome quality! Quick turn! The absolute best in the area at what they do! We rely on Heritage for our screen printing, DTG as well as embroidery needs. Our customers are huge fans of our quality – thanks to Heritage! Heritage continues to hit it out of the park! Great job guys!”

“We have had the pleasure of partnering with Heritage for almost 10 years now and they continue to be our #1 resource for all our decorating needs. The quality of their screen printing, embroidery and DTG is the best in the industry. The entire team at Heritage is invaluable to the success of our business.”

“2020 will be my 40th year with Heritage Screen Printing! I have not been with any vendor longer. Their detail to quality, always being at the forefront of the latest in printing technology and their customer service team has always been the best in the industry. The owner Steven has always been there to share his knowledge and assist me with whatever needs I may have to get and secure my accounts as well as to help my business grow. They have become like family to my business and are a MAJOR reason to the success of Mr. D’s Tees. ”

“My company has worked with HSP for numerous years now and I have had the delightful privilege of watching our businesses grow, evolve and flourish together. Heritage has consistently gone above-and-beyond to provide us with whatever our clients have needed. They have delivered us fast, high-quality service many times over. Any problems are guaranteed to be met with superior customer service and a willingness to do whatever it takes to make the customer happy. We very much appreciate the collective efforts of the Heritage team, and are proud to continue to collaborate with them on our projects. Thanks all!”

“Heritage Screen Printing is a quality place to have your goods imprinted or embroidered. What makes heritage so good is its customer service, graphics dept., embroidery dept., and als o quality s creen pr inting. I hav e been a s atisfied customer for o ver 15 years.”

“The folks at Heritage Screen Printing have been a boon to our business. Their e-commerce fulfillment is the best in the business, not to mention their other collective services that help them serve as a one-stop shop to get everything under the sun completed in the highest quality to keep us and our customers happy, day in and day out.”

“HSP is hands-down the best printer in the industry. Not only is the quality of the endproduct spot-on, their customer service is also top-notch. Steve and his team are always professional, yet have their individual personalities – a combination that is sadly lacking in many companies today. We look forward to many more years of collaboration with HSP.”

“After 25 years in the promotions business I’ve finally found a reliable partner for my screen printing needs. Heritage Screen printing is the gold standard for clothing decoration in the area. The staff is more than attentive and their easy to use website enables me to track each job. I can promise my client’s it will be there on time and look great. Heritage is a great partner to have in this industry.”

I can’t emphasize enough how wonderful the service is here. I’ve been doing business with HSP for over 3 years now, and they always come through for me and my business. I’ve worked with several people in various departments over the years and they always bring their “A game.”

They are knowledgeable, extremely patient, and overall a pleasure to work with.

Working with a decorator that is attentive, and genuinely concerned with my success is something you cannot put a monetary value on. I highly recommend Heritage Screen Printing.

-Daniel R, MA