Insider Tips & Tricks for Smooth Sailing Orders – Tip #2

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This is the second installment in a small series of insider tips & tricks for smooth sailing orders. Our first tip covered the importance of Purchase Order numbers on goods and why they need to match your submitted HSP order. With thousands of boxes and bags to sort through, these PO numbers are essential to our team when locating the proper goods for each order. If you missed that tip, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Customer Service and ask that it be sent directly to you. 
Tip #2 will be welcome information to those of you who have “do or die orders” with hard and fast deadlines and customers that have no wiggle room. We absolutely can understand the frustration when a deadline is coming due and your client is breathing down your neck. This tip should help alleviate some of that pressure.



Missing Goods
Few things are more frustrating than having a hard deadline for a job and getting a message that the goods that arrived for your order don’t match the Purchase Order you submitted with your job. Unfortunately, due to the high volume of print and embroidery jobs at Heritage, we are unable to verify goods until they are pulled for your job when we are ready for production. We hear your frustration and know this can be a customer service nightmare.
With the busy season upon us, supply houses see a huge increase in the volume of goods ordered and with that comes an increase in mistakes. We can’t do anything to prevent picking errors, but we can help you make sure your clients get their orders on time, despite these inconvenient hiccups.


Sometimes there are thousands of pieces for just one order! This photo shows just a small portion of the goods for this job!
Checking in goods is a necessary step of the process. And sometimes, it is where the process stops dead in its tracks.

Tip #2 – Tracking Your Goods

  1. Always track your goods. Don’t assume that the estimated delivery date given at the time of order is correct. Before you call Heritage to see if your job is running on schedule, track the goods you ordered and ensure that everything was delivered. Also, please update your job (the notes section is great for this) with tracking numbers and to let us know if your goods are coming from multiple warehouses and/or multiple vendors. If any goods are being drop shipped from a supplier, please include this information.
  2. Schedule the job with a time cushion. If you allow an extra few days between the completion date at Heritage and the delivery date to your client, you’ve allowed a cushion for those unforeseen issues that are bound to crop up. This can make the difference between a positive experience for your customer or a negative one.



This image is just a reminder from tip #1 on ensuring your Purchase Order’s match to your goods ordered and the job PO.

Stay tuned for more insider tips, coming soon!!! 

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