Insider Tips & Tricks for Smooth Sailing Orders. Tip #3 – Proofs

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This is the third installment in a small series of insider tips & tricks for smooth sailing orders. Our first tip covered the importance of Purchase Order numbers on goods and why they need to match your submitted HSP order. With thousands of boxes and bags to sort through, these PO numbers are essential to our team when locating the proper goods for each order.
The second tip covered tracking your goods and scheduling jobs with a time cushion when possible to help avoid delays due to picking errors.
Both of these tips are on our website if you missed them. If you want a personal copy sent to your e-mail, don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer service team and we’ll re-send.
Proofing orders and Pre-Production Samples

Each job starts with a digital proof so that you and your client can make sure that the imprint, size, color and placement are correct. Keep in mind when reviewing the digital proof that this is just to give you a general feel for the final output. You should always make note of the dimensions and colors listed on the proof and not rely solely on the picture. Screen calibrations, brightness, contrast and resolution all vary. That means your proof will look different on each device you use to view it. So, which one is the closest to what it will truly look like?

This is where a pre-production sample can be an invaluable tool.  When dealing with orders that have complex art, specific colors, special print techniques or you are trying to recreate a piece that was previously produced, the only way to truly know how the job will look when finished, is to see one completed. Digital proofs have their place and are very helpful, but they can’t tell you how the ink will look once applied to the fabric.
Although pre-production samples can be costly and can lengthen production time, when aiming for a precise look, they can save a job from being a potential disaster. Think of the pre-production sample as insurance. So what options do you have when you need to ensure a job meets some very high and specific expectations?

Standard Digital Proof – Step 1 of any job. This is where we create a mock up of your art on a garment/item that closely resembles the style and color indicated in your purchase order. This step is generally done within 24-48 hours of receiving your complete order submission. Turn around time begins upon approval of this digital proof. This is a great way to get an approximation of what the final output will look like. For simpler jobs and repeat orders this is generally adequate.
Photo Proof – Once the digital proof has been approved for size, color and placement, your job moves along into the production queue. The job is set up based on your specifications and one item is produced. Before we move on with the job, a photo is taken of the first item and e-mailed for your approval. This way you can see if the print on the fabric has created the desired effect. If it has, respond back and give us the go-ahead and we will continue with production to produce the remainder of the order. Understand that you are still viewing this print on a device so brightness/contrast may not be represented accurately.

If you choose to take this route, make sure that you are available to respond right away when your proof is e-mailed. A delay in your response holds up the presses and could potentially result in your job being pulled and put back in the queue which can affect your deadline. Please note that you must indicate that you want a photo proof when your order is initially submitted. It should be listed on your purchase order and in the special instructions.  Additional fees may apply.

Pre-Production Sample – Same as the photo proof above, however, instead of taking a picture and sending it to you, the first print is packaged and mailed out for approval. This gives you the opportunity to review texture, color, and overall look to ensure it meets expectations. Once we receive approval, your job is then placed in the production queue with a standard turn around time.
The fees associated with a pre-production sample can add up quickly and several days are added to the production time, so make sure you understand the costs and timing before deciding. However, it is always a good idea if you are working with a very particular client. If the choice is made to bypass a pre-pro, always be aware that the final output may vary from the digital version. Also, if a sample is waived, you are choosing to accept the finished product “as is”.

If you are ever uncertain as to whether a pre-production sample is wise, please consult with your sales representative. They will be able to help you determine what type of proof is best for the situation.

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